Why Kim Kardashian will never be good at escorting

With her fake "reality" TV show we all know that Kim Kardashian is about getting the cash. Having just taken 500,000 US Dollars to be Austrian businessman and billionaire, Richard Lugner's date at the Vienna Ball, Ms Kardashian stomped off in a huff.

Kim Kardashian will never make an escort as it's ALL about her and as we know, a great escort makes your date ALL about you. Your true escort may have a hell of a good time while she's doing it but your enjoyment, gratification and total satisfaction is her agenda. A true elite escort wants to see the look on your face of a pleasure realized, the smile of the cat that got the cream.....one very happy guy leaving her and already planning when he can see her again, as the experience was unforgettable.

Ms Kardashian finds it impossible to look beyond her apparently total self absorption and her equally superficial "family life" set up for TV. Lady there's a real world out there with guys who know what to expect from a classy escort. Don't phone us, as they say, we'll phone you. Just don't hold your breath it could be a long wait!