When will the sexes really understand what the other wants?

Everyone already knows that there's no fail-safe formula for understanding men and the guys all say that they are at a loss when it comes to understanding women. Is it this chasm of lack of understanding that makes the opposite sex attractive, or is it what drives us apart and for a lot of guys is that what sends them straight to the wonderful welcoming world of escorts?

One of the easiest examples of this un-parallel universe that the sexes inhabit is the love by most men for adult movies, pornography and glamour girls in centerfolds with their legs spread wide, whereas most women find them dull, almost always preferring erotica to porn.

Sexual prowess is the ultimate achievement of manhood for the hot-bloodied male, the last thing that a guy wants to hear on the grapevine is that he is no good in bed. But, when she really does not seem to do it for him anymore, when she suddenly forgets that she used to be as keen on hitting the sack as he was and all those little experiments into different positions were fun and now she says they are not, what is the guy to do?

The female of the species will try to understand by conversing with her friends and lovers, but men don't use communication in this way. He has a problem and he wants to solve it. He has an itch and he wants it scratched.

But, surely you are saying, "the escort he finds solace with is a woman too!" But these women seem to possess the key to this elusive understanding of the male, they have an innate knowledge of how to keep men happy. Are they blessed from birth with a special and highly developed love of sex that does not seem to wane? Is it a skill that they have acquired and instead of accepting this precious commodity and taking it for granted, they have in fact increased their techniques, extended their repertoire?

Or, are men and women not really meant to live together, as it is the breeding ground for the age-old adage familiarity breeds contempt?

Gentlemen...your views please!!

We genuinely believe that there are a group of women on this planet who already possess the key to a deeper understanding of the male of the species.