What s the solution.....Dating Websites or Escort Services?

The first thing to establish is do you actually, and of course honestly, know what you are seeking?

If it is a high-intensity, hands-on, passionate liaison that leads neither partner along the path of misunderstanding; then accept what you want or even what you need and go straight for the best escort site in your area. That way you will be declaring yourself available to meet, and pay for, the woman of your choice, no pretence about seeking out a soul mate, yearning for a 'til death us do part relationship or in fact not declaring your actual marital status. You can without embarrassment or deceit call the 5' 10" tall blonde, the one with the long, long legs, the size 10 figure with the 34DD bust and clearly and simply ask her if she is free. Or, of course any of the other fantastic ladies who match your specific weaknesses and hit your own hotspots and will for a pre-arranged fee give you the kind of encounter that you have been wanting, but not getting.

If on the other hand you are someone, male or female, who finds getting past the initial stages of forming any potentially sexual relationship one that seems to be virtually insurmountable, then a little dating agency help may be the solution. They will match your demographics, age, location, status etc and what some of them term as your "behavioural profile". A lot of the decision making is then out of your hands as the computer will work it all out for you, that lack of personal choice, or what may be termed as what turns you on, may make you think twice about this route.

Free dating sites where you discover which lonely housewife is sitting home alone in your area tonight may be a third option. Without being too harsh you may all too easily see why he/she is home alone and care to remember the age old adage.......When you want the best, you get what you pay for!