What do most men do after sex?

WE all know the cliche....she wants to talk and he wants to sleep.

After sex the guy really feels sleepy, yes he's made a fair effort, but it is the oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that is released after ejaculation that really makes him feel knocked out. But if he wants to keep his lady happy he needs to think again or he may find that his welcome next time he's in the mood isn't quite so enthusiastic. Flipping the lady around and cuddling into the lovers' spoon position is a great way to make her still feel wanted and enabling lover boy to catch a nap.

Without doubt an absolute "no-way" is to turn around from your partner to reach out for your phone to check your Facebook page, your text messages etc. She deserves your attention and your phone shouldn't be anywhere nearby. Likewise turning the TV on to your favourite sports channel is a definite NO! Don't even think "Where's the remote?"

Taking a snack is a common thought that passes through a guy's mind immediately after the passion is over, in his dreams he imagines a quick sleep only to be woken by the pervading aroma of a bacon sandwich, or a slice of pizza, lovingly prepared by his lady and now magically appearing at his side.

Sex is great, when there is empathy (aka lust) between the couple it can be awesome. Memorable sex can be enjoyed on a one night stand, a casual relationship or when there is something deeper and more meaningful, but guys, don't forget that someone was there with you while you were getting your rocks off, so take the time to recognise her emotional needs; a little caressing and back rubbing isn't so hard. Treat her with appreciation and these days there is always catch-up TV.