The A-Z of escorting terms

The world of escorting is rife with slang and abbreviations for sexual terms, this alphabet is not definitive and we would love to hear from you to bring us extra or new terms we can add to our dictionary. Today we are giving just one term per letter of the alphabet and we all know that there are many, many more; that is so we can leave such a lot more for you to comment on in this informative but essentially fun blog.

- A..... Anal Sex, A-Level: The act of sexual intercourse where the penis penetrates the anus of the partner

- B.....Bareback: A slang for without condom

- C.....Cunnilingus: The practice of orally stimulating the female genitals by licking, nibbling or sucking

- D.....DFK: Deep French Kissing

- F.....Fellatio: Sexual activities which involves kissing, nibbling, or penis sucking

- G.....GFE: Girl Friend Experience - When you are with her, people who see you will think she is your girlfriend or wife, or she gives an experience you wish your girlfriend did!

- H.....Hand Job (HJ): Sexual stimulation through masturbation

- I.....In-Call: The client travels to the escort's location to obtain adult entertainment services. Opposite of outcall or out-call

- J.....Jiggy: as in getting jiggy with it

- K.....Kama Sutra: An Indian sex manual by Vatsayayana

- L.....Landing Strip: description of public hair especially when waxed or trimmed to a narrow central line

- M.....MILF: Mother I'd Like to Fuck who is usually in her 30′s or 40′s

- N.....Newbie: A provider who is a novice in the escort business

- O.....Out-Call: The escort will travel to the client's home or hotel to provide adult entertainment services. Opposite of in-call or in call

- P.....PSE: Porn Star Experience. A positive term for an escort who is high-energy, raunchy, no holds barred, typical of a porn movie

- Q.....Quim: the vagina, thought to be from the Scottish word for valley

- R.....Rimming: Orally licking around the anus

- S.....Sixty Nine: Where a male and female simultaneously engage in fellatio and cunnilingus

- T.....Teabag, Tea-bagging: This is where a man squats and dips his testicles in his partners mouth

- U.....Ultimate kiss: A euphemism for fellatio

- V.....Vaginal balls: balls made of plastic or stainless steel inserted into the vagina that move around especially when walking to give a vibrating sensation

- W..... With: A slang for with condom, Without: A slang for without condom

- X.....xenophilia: Sexual arousal from strangers.

- Y.....Yellow Handkerchief: A yellow handkerchief sticking out a pocket is a visual code that the wearer is into watersports

- Z.....Zipless fuck: Sex without emotional involvement or commitment, especially between strangers.

So let's get this blog going and hear your alphabet contributions; there are dozens if not hundreds, so don't be shy let's have them!