Five Things Punters Need to Know

- The taboo...........Your partner or your wife is at home, sex is occasional and terribly predictable; wouldn't it be good to do something different, something more exciting? Seeing an escort you can enjoy uninhibited encounters, spanking, role play, school uniforms or bondage and these more exhilarating games are normally the order of the day, not a taboo.

- Your secret life needs to remain just that. This is your fantasy brought to life so enjoy it and don't get caught. Don't let someone burst your bubble. It's your fun so keep it as your guilty secret.

- Seeing an escort is legal in the UK and while it is all above board don't forget that this is a transaction. Each of you is getting what they want from the deal, but this is not reality so don't get lost in the pretence of the relationship and start thinking it is REAL, she is not a girlfriend. Don't get attached to one particular girl.

- Be sensible and keep sexually healthy. In general seeing an escort is less risky than a casual one-night stand providing you DO NOT INDULGE IN BARE BACK (UNPROTECTED) SEX! Always wear a condom.

- Be polite. It is considered good manners to give the lady her payment in an unsealed white envelope without her having to ask for it. Then relax in her company. Enjoy the conversation, but note that please don't ask personal questions. Then take the experience for all that it is worth; this is your treat, your discovery of increased pleasure.