First time with an escort

For most guys, deciding to take the plunge and make a date in manchester with an escort is something that they have been mulling over for a while. That decision may have been taken for a wide range of reasons, but being moments away from meeting this beautiful woman it is good to know just what the etiquette in these circumstances is.....something your mother may have omitted in your social grooming!

Meeting an escort can be a genuinely rewarding experience so try and set aside the understandable "first-time jitters" which can spoil the encounter for both you and your escort.

- Do the research, make sure that you are talking to a reputable agency or dating agency in manchester; that the images of the girls are guaranteed as genuine and that the rates quoted are clear and do not disguise hidden extras, but do not negotiate as this is disrespectful to the escort.

- If you are not happy with any or all of the responses, thank them for their time and put down the phone. Then do more research!

- You have found a good agency, you see someone you would like to spend time with, so now ask for an Incall (where you will visit at her apartment) or an outcall if it is convenient for you (she will visit you at your hotel or home), then give the date and time you would like for your liaison.

- Prior to your appointment, make sure that you have made the necessary preparations. You have the payment: you have showered, fresh breath, shaved if that's your style and are smelling sweet, just as you would expect her to be.

- After briefly greeting each other at the door if the arrangement is for a cash payment directly to the escort, please be sure to have the correct amount ready, in cash, do not wait for her to have to ask. Some clients prefer to give the cash in an envelope but do not be offended if she discretely checks the contents as not everyone is as honest as you.

- Many escorts ask you to shower on arrival, not everyone may have been as scrupulous as yourself.

- After the initial chit chat, the escort may or may not excuse herself to go to the bathroom while telling you to "get comfortable" this is your cue to get undressed.

- If your companion does not offer services without condoms, don't ask. An escort is considering her long-term health and yours. - If you offer your companion an alcoholic drink and she refuses please do not be offended. She may prefer to keep her head clear and she may have to travel on to further appointments.

- Do not show up for your meeting either drunk or under the influence of drugs.

- Please be there on time.

- Be respectful, this will ensure that you enjoy your escort's company to the highest degree as she will be comfortable with you and relax and have fun. Do not ask personal questions.

- If you have been happy with the time and companionship offered and the agency is able to show reviews or you can connect to their blog page and leave favourable comments, feel free to do so.

After the first time your nerves will have subsided into the pure tingle of pleasurable anticipation. You are now having a fantastic time and if you want you can look to explore a different escort every time you feel like it, or if she was very special you may choose to meet her again sometime. Meeting an escort and spending time with her is all about having a fun-filled, sensual experience with no strings attached. So go on......enjoy yourself!