Elite Escorts Wanted

The qualities of an elite escort should perhaps be defined:

- She should be comfortable in different environments, her client may wish to take her for dinner in a high class restaurant, where her skills at discreet flirtation can come into play; increasing the anticipation, increasing the promise of an intimate liaison later, increasing the desire.

- She should be elegant and assured; walking into the client's hotel she should look the part, not arousing the attention of the hotel receptionist. She should look like a class act; she is from the top drawer in the escort world.

- She should be perfectly groomed, attention to all aspects of her personal care are required: her nails well manicured, her hair glossy, cut and styled, her skin supple and soft, her perfume should be sexy but discreet, her makeup attractive and not too heavy.

- She should speak as she looks; her voice soft and well modulated, making her sound sexy but modest, attracting her client in one more way by keeping his attention on her, wanting her to whisper sweet words into his ear, enticing him and encouraging him by her intonation which speaks of passion.

- She should listen to her client; seeking hints and clues to his desires if he is a little shy, or paying regard to her date's requests and matching them to her own limits, being compliant when appropriate and making her denials firm but gentle if his requests are not acceptable. Showing respect to the client will encourage him to respect her.

- She should dress in a sexy way to excite her client, but arrive at his house or hotel in a way not to arouse curiosity. A classy dress will cover some gorgeous garters, beautiful bustier or naughty knickers. The swish is silk or satin whispering as she walks is an immediate aphrodisiac to both of them. Some clients may ask for something special, perhaps red, she should try and comply with his wishes, it is special for him.

- She should think about the extra fun and sexual frisson that role play can bring to an encounter, a few well chosen outfits will excite some clients, some dates will supply a really special garment for his escort to wear.

- She should never arrive in flats although she may have driven to her date in them. A quick change to those high heels, the ones that scream sex appeal will be essential.

- She should really want to be an escort: her nature should be one that is enthusiastic and genuinely takes pleasure in male company. Have an imaginative attitude towards one to one liaisons, a little adventurous with more than a dash of passion. Giving pleasure is an art and the elite escort will bring her interpersonal skills into play and perhaps develop her expertise in sensual massage. The deftness of her fingers on his skin will alert her to his hot spots and she can expand her understanding of just what makes him tick.

A lot of beautiful girls are escorts, but to become an elite escort is to go the extra mile. Wanting to leave her client happier than when she arrived takes considerable personal consideration in all of the aspects we have spoken about and quite a few more. Be the best and decide to become an elite escort.