An expert interview about women

Men can't live with them and cannot live without them.........WOMEN!!!

What's so difficult to understand? They are exceptional creatures! They can walk in heels, they smell better than men even when they have just walked out of the gym, they sit down to pee which after all is much tidier, they have special clothes for pulling guys and FMBs (F**k my boots) to go with the outfit, different creams for different parts of their bodies, they go to the bathroom in pairs or groups and turn it into a social activity, they have enough stuff in their handbags to start civilization again after Armageddon.

You can spend the rest of your life trying to solve the problem, to understand what makes a woman tick and you will die before you get to an answer. Why is chocolate a life saving product? Is it really that important??!! And why, oh why, do they always want to talk after sex!! Men are exhausted and are not ready for an in-depth conversation.'s so simple's just that they can!

Men simply haven't caught up with all these sophisticated skills, so keep trying boys, but the girls are already functioning on a higher plane!!